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About the Artist

Ms. Ginet Leblond attended her first art school at the age of 19. She was directed and encouraged from the beginning by Lauréanne Morneau, M.A. from Indiana University, with whom she took private oil painting lessons from at “La Maison Ste-Marie-des-Anges”. During this time, Ms. Leblond also met Bellarmin Jutras, the owner of “Les Petitis Trésors Du Pays” art gallery in Sudbury, Ontario and in 1986 they decide to work together.

In 1975, she completed her prerequisites at Cégep Ste-Foy to fulfill her admission requirements for university .

In 1977, she visits le “Musée du Québec” which still has some of her works on display.

In 1979, Ms. Leblond took a course taught by J.P. Garneau which specialized in sculpting techniques - this awoke a new interest in sculpting. With the support of other sculptors such as: Jean-Paul Garneau, Paul-André Bécotte, P-A Tardivel etc., she was asked to represent all women sculptors by participating in a demonstration of a cast metal at “St-Jean-Baptiste” on St-Jean Street in Québec.

In 1981, she is admitted at Laval University, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in 1987. During her schooling, Ms. Leblond taught in her own private studio in St. Rédempteur.

From 1989-1990, she studied at the Centre de céramique of Ste-Fey. Soon after, she had an exhibition of sculptures at La Maison Maheux-Couillard.

From 1991-1996, she taught drawing and oil painting at Lucie Desroches.

In 1993, Ms. Leblond met Marc-André Fortin, a refined connoisseur of Quebec's antiquities. Together, their passion for their ancestors set them to embark on an unusual project.

In June of 1995, l'atelier La Marginale opened its doors during the summer season and people from all over town came to see this new, interesting art, making it a huge success. Following this success, Ms. Leblond received many offers from various galleries.

In September 1995, a meeting with Mr. Jean-Paul Trottier and his spouse marked the beginning of another adventure in the world of great art. Ms. Leblond’s art consists of painting on wood that is 100+ years old, by using its original colour as the starting point of her work and then using integrated colours for its composition. She feels a strong link with the past and this is why traces of the past can be seen in the shapes of her subjects.

Her everyday partner, Marc-André Fortin, can finely detect the original colours that can be found in old objects and furniture. His passion for this art led him to countless hours of work. He has become Ginet's indispensible co-worker.

A Museum was founded in 2008 by Mr. Trottier and all three floors exhibit of her work of Quebec during the 4th century.

After a certain time, she decided to further explore 'the colours' of her own feeling in evolutions. Now, she paints on framed wood and sometimes special arrangements of older wood. Ms. Leblond is currently interested in the expression of colours and as always, with people, nature, animals, villages and sometimes old cities.